Hey! My name is Lamar. I like to think about, learn and do a lot of “interesting” things. I am on the mission of having an impact on the world. I believe that everyone has a super power to change the world in some way, or another. “Normal” people every day disrupt yesterday’s thoughts on what was possible.  A lot comes down to mind set and action, something everyone can perfect. As long as you are open to new ideas and willing to learn, you can accomplish anything.

I literally thought learning Chinese was a huge obstacle. And quite frankly, it would be “impossible” to speak fluently. I practically failed my Spanish college course…jeez. How would I ever learn Chinese, the “hardest” language? That said, it is not too difficult as long as you have the right mind set! Below is a video of me speaking Chinese Mandarin after a little over a year:


Other Projects:

I helped my mother launch an awesome marketing project for her business. You can check it out here: 365 Days of Wire Sculpture: A new wire sculpture each day for a year. Inspired by what each day brings.

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